2012 Partners Meeting in Hilton Head, SC

This summer, Innovative Learning Solutions and its global team of distributors ventured to Hilton Head, South Carolina for the 2012 Partners Meeting. The meeting served as an opportunity for business planning and goal-setting. As well, we ensured there was adequate time to socialize in friendly games of beach volleyball, waterside dinners, and an ecological boat excursion.

Each of the distributors, as well as the ILS departments, gave presentations on their progress, initiatives, and endeavors. Dr. Ernest Cadotte, the author of the Marketplace and Marketplace Live simulation families, led the workshop and discussions.

ILS’ global distributorship reaches from Mexico to Egypt to India to China. Most of our distributors were in attendance at the meeting, while the rest joined us via WebEx video conferencing.

The meeting was extremely successful. As a group, we shared our experiences, best practices, vision, and plans for the future. It was good to hear the divergent viewpoints that the distributors brought to discussions, the stories from their respective countries, and the global contribution they make to education and training.

Our partners have shown dedication to ILS in their global pursuits. They showed this same dedication at all moments during the meeting, including downtime. During one evening, a thunderstorm quickly advanced on the group’s plans to enjoy a beach volleyball game. However, neither lightening nor rain could stop them from competing on the sands of Hilton Head Beach.

Giuseppe Faraco, one of the distributors for Colombia, said, “I believe that I have become a more valuable professional and entrepreneur thanks to all of those working tools that ILS offers.” He goes on to recount the benefits of working for such a company. He specifically mentions the outstanding pedagogical concepts of the simulation, the technology support, the constant training provided by the company, the corporate values and professionalism exhibited by the staff, and “last but not least, the sincere friendship between colleagues and worldwide partners.”

Before ending the meeting, the partners and members of ILS renewed their commitment to one another in the pursuit of providing the best learning experience worldwide. To see all of the exciting pictures from the 2012 Partners Meeting, please visit our ILSWORLD Facebook Photo Album.

The full list of distributors and their territories is provided below. Many of our distributors have made great contributions to the translations of Marketplace and Marketplace Live simulations. ILS is grateful to their unwavering commitment and dedication.


Paul Choi – South Korea

Hesham Dinana – Egypt

Giuseppe Faraco – Colombia

Erhan Imamoglu – Turkey

Peter Kolciter – Slovakia

Marian Kupuscinski – Poland

Richard Lim – Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg

Claudio Manassero – Brazil

Gustavo Mendez – Colombia

Rajkumar Phatate – India

Ryno Senior – Dominican Republic and Mexico

Gyffard Yates – United Kingdom

Gilbert Yu – China and Taiwan


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